SIM is an independent Polish design & production company offering complex solutions within the telecommunication and Information Technology domains. Since 1992 our core products are call recording systems. Now we offer much more. Our expert engineers will meet any challenge in the R&D domain. Today our products are sold in Europe, Asia and America. We are a global market leader for digital call loggers, for example in police, military, public safety organizations, international financial institution.

Call Recording Systems

What we offer

COMPREC™ product family utilises the newest digital technologies to provide its users with novel and efficient solutions for telephone and radio communication recording. We are offering high capacity and high quality of our products at relatively low prices. Our products have an open architecture which greatly simplifies their configuration and maintenance. Moreover, an open architecture makes adding new features and technologies just a matter of fitting additional modules. COMPREC™ has been designed to operate both as a standalone unit as well as a network element building up an advanced, enterprise-wide recording platform. Modular design and full scalability make our system extremely flexible and future-proof.

What we are looking for

We are looking for cooperation and colaboration partners as well as technical partners for call logging systems and R&D. We offer excelent business, service and training conditions. We offer a cooperation based on OEM terms.


  • Communications
  • IT/Computing

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement
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